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My Cat Marie is........


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Just an awsome cat.
My cat is just amazing.

Like today..... I was having a wierd nightmare.... I felt her jump up on my bed, she put her cold nose on my face,then started making this funny half meow half purr sound like this....."mmmmhhhhhhhh mmmmmhhhh." and then a meow. How did she know? And this is not the first time she's done this.

Also she talks (meows) on the phone, especially if I'm talking to Mom she will paw at the phone sometimes untill I put the recievew in front of her and so she can meow at it and although it IS JUST MEOWING.. it sounds very much like the human word.."Hello." she also says MaMa, bye bye,and such other phone ettique that even I don't do enough of. My cat is more polite than I am. LOL.

Other things she can say are, maybe not so polite.... Like "damnit" if I accidently step on her tail, or her foot.

For her meal time. I ask her now and then "Are you hungry. Marie?" She'll go " Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!" or I ask her when she wants to eat she goes.."Nowwwwwwww." Ahhhhhh cat's gotta love them!

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