Just a little kitty... (theatrefairy) wrote in cats_love_fish,
Just a little kitty...

Toulouse, Sir Mountain Lion.

So I was out walking my cat today, as I do on nice days. A creepy guy in a white car stops and says "Hey is that a baby mountian lion or something? How did is that thing going to get?" Me: "Its as big as its going to get, its a normal cat". Creepy guy: "Well I ain't never seen someone walk a cat before". Me: "Well I have!". Thinking to myself, and you have seen someone walk a mountian lion???

My little Toulouse, he must look all big and scary to the crazy creepy man! Yeah, I like to have kitties that I can cuddle with and love with out them seeing me as a food source thanks very much!

Funny and odd.
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