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Now this is a good kitty!

I fell on some ice the other day when I was leaving my house here in Ohio. It has been determined that it is part of my hip/pelvis that was bruised rather then my 'lower back' being pulled. It is only when I attempt to use my left hip at certain angles that it give me real pain, other pain comes from all the muscles around the area trying to compensate. Mainly it’s me rolling over in bed or trying to get up off the couch or other soft surface that it hurts pretty damn bad. Obviously a lot of people turn and twist in their sleep. Apparently Toulouse, the smartest kitty in the world, recognized the point of the problem last night, either from me complaining in general or me waking him up when the pain woke me up mid shift the past few nights. Now Toulouse normally will cuddle up on the pillows above our head or will cuddle up next to us on the side of the bed. He doesn’t care to drape across us. Well, I work up in the middle of the night, after not having woken up from pain for quite a while, to find that Toulouse had put sprawled out over the top of my left thigh as high as he could get. All his weight on it and his head resting on the mattress fast asleep. I quickly realized why I was not tossing; he weights to damn much for me to flip over with out a lot of effort for me to get him off. And me being a sucker for his comfort would just let him stay there anyway. So Toulouse figured out why I was hurting in the middle of the night and took measure to make it stop. How is that for a smart kitty? Yeah, he is getting SOOO much love from his mommy today!
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